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About Us

Volunteer Braille Services (VBS) began in 1968 in the basement of a local bank. A group of dedicated women saw a need to provide reading materials to the visually impaired…and they set out to meet that need. Over the years, hundreds of people have learned the language of braille through classes offered by VBS. Thousands of books have been placed into the hands of those who need them. Children and adults alike are being given opportunities to succeed in school and in life because of materials provided by the volunteers who have spent millions of hours transcribing print to braille.

Our organization is headed by a board of directors made up of people dedicated to continuing the excellent traditions that began in 1968. The office has moved several times over the years and is now located in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The staff, while supporting the volunteers who produce materials in their homes, also transcribe those assignments that are needed in a more timely manner.  

At the present time, there are about 50 volunteers on the roster at VBS. While several of those people no longer actively transcribe materials, they still support the mission and vision that VBS represents.  

Volunteer Braille Services Staff, Volunteers and  Directors