Tips and Hints

To enter a Table of Contents entry, braille the entry except for the page number using the standard indent and runover for the table of contents.

Then, put the mouse on the contents entry (pointing to any cell in the entry), right click the mouse button and select Do and Line number.  This will display the Line number control dialog box.

Braille the page number (with number sign) into the Line number area, and put a checkmark in the box for With guide dots.  Then press Enter or click OK.

Do the above for each contents entry.

If you put your contents entries in this way, and have to make a correction in the entry, the line number with the page number will self adjust

If you need to make a correction in the page number itself look for the tiny yellow triangle just before the guide dots and page number. If you put your cursor over it, it should read Annotation: Line Number. Right click your mouse, select Change in the Line Number window, make your change and hit Enter or click OK